Become the base of redoxing series
Origin of redoxing salt

There was a place yaks and horses gather in rows in the Tibetan plateau of Himalayas and it turned out that the rock salt was blowing out to the ground where the yaks were licking. This salt is “Redoxing Salt”.

“Redoxing Salt” is a beautiful ocean fossil (crystal rock salt) composed of seawater of about 380 million years ago mined in the Himalayas.Geologically, it is said that the Pimala super continent split about 200 million years ago and some of it was was raised when the Indian continent collided with the Eurasian continent, the Himalayas. It is estimated that the seawater of the “Tethys Sea” crystallized and buried in the magma with the high temperature of 1000 ℃ or higher taking in the sediments during the uplift.

In the case of in Japan, salt is mostly made from the sea, “Redoxing Salt” is very valuable rock salt is excavated from around 100 meters in this uncontaminated ground of the 5000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas.(If the ingredients are slightly different, it may be jewelry or petroleum) The rough stone of “Redoxing Salt” looks like a gemstone, not salt at first glance.When you take this redox salt in the bath, you can be enveloped by the scent of sulfur and enjoy hot spring emotions and effects at home.

Also in local Tibet, it is called “medicinal stone”and it is used for folk medicine, herbal medicine and medicinal level. Recently, it turned out that this redox salt contains “hydrogen”.Besides, it contains abundant minerals, its content balance is also excellent, and if you eat it will improve oxygen supply.It is indispensable for maintaining the health and physical strength of the local people It is useful for labor, life in Nepal and Tibet, where the oxygen is thin and extremely harsh in the natural environment.

“Beauty” and “Health” transmitted from the beauty industry

From the moment he was born, oxidation of the cell, “aging” has begun. And the fact that oxygen, which is necessary for people to live, is heavily involved in it is ironical.That means that people can not escape from aging. The unrequited desire for the beauty of women in all ages, east and west has developed products (products) and mezzot (method) related to beauty care. We will propose the redoxing series as a way to realize fundamental “beauty” and “health” for symptomatic treatment of beauty so far.We will develop a product to practice beauty and health every day and we will also propose redoxing.